Prof Michael Heller

Principal investigator

Northumbria University


Prof Michael Rowlinson


University of Exeter

Dr Joe Chick

Research Fellow

Northumbria University

Itamar Blauer


Prof Michael Heller is a business and marketing historian whose main areas of research cover the history of office work, the history of company magazines and internal communication, the history of public communications, corporate communication, and corporate and product branding. His work has been published in the British Journal of Management, European Journal of Marketing, Enterprise and Society, Business History and other leading management and business history journals.

Prof Michael Rowlinson joined the University of Exeter Business School from Queen Mary University of London in 2016. He has previously worked at London Metropolitan University, Royal Holloway University of London, and the universities of Nottingham, Southampton, and Aston.

He edited the journal, Management & Organizational History, for five years until the end of 2013, and then became a Senior Editor for Organisation Studies. He is a former editor of the Association of Business Schools Academic Journal Quality Guide. In 2016, he co-edited a Special Topic Forum of the Academy of Management Review on History and Organization Studies: Toward a Creative Synthesis.

Dr Joe Chick is a Research Fellow on the ESRC-funded project An Institutional History of Internal Communication in the UK. His current research is on the rise of large organisations since the late nineteenth century, focussing on the discourse and practice of employer communication with employees. With a background as a historian, he is interested in long-term trends in social history from the medieval era to the present day. His first monograph Urban Society and Monastic Lordship in Reading, 1350-1600 was published with Boydell & Brewer in 2022.

Itamar Blauer is a Search Engine Optimisation expert based in London. He has worked in the SEO industry for several years and is currently the Senior SEO Director at StudioHawk, a global award-winning SEO agency. He helps businesses reach their target audience through search engine optimisation. His work helps websites get higher rankings, targeted traffic and more leads. He regularly contributes advice to some of the largest industry publications, and have been featured in the likes of Semrush, Search Engine Land, and Search Engine Journal. In 2020, he published the book Keywords for SEO: Actionable Knowledge Bombs to Help you Rank on Google.