Uncovering the historical origins of internal communication for practitioners, organisations and researchers

Our Mission: Internal Communications UK Project

Internal Communication employs tens of thousands of professional practitioners in the UK and affects millions of employees. Yet its history is little studied in relation to other areas of business and its practitioners are often unaware that its origins date back to the nineteenth century. With the aim of strengthening professional identity, the project is working closely with practitioners, companies and professional associations to further our knowledge of the history of internal comms and to enhance the practice, reputation and impact of internal communication professionals.

Internal Communication Case Studies

The project is looking at twenty case studies. There are fourteen highly varied organisations from the public sector such as the BBC, the private sector like Prudential Insurance, and co-operatives such as the John Lewis Partnership. There will also be research into six institutions that have shaped internal communication, such as the Institute of Internal Communication, the CIPD, the CIPR, and AB Communications.

Our partners